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Shop jib crane is mainly used for indoor lifting work. This kind of cranes has various types to choose from. According to stability, it includes fixed jib crane and travelling jib crane. According to loading capacity, it is divided into small jib crane and heavy duty jib crane. According to places, it mainly includes wall mounted jib crane, floor jib crane, workstation jib crane, garage jib crane. AIMIX Group, a famous and professional crane supplier, produces kinds of jib cranes with reasonable design, simple system, complete safety device, reliable quality and ideal price.

AQ-BZ Shop Jib Crane For Sale
AQ-BZ Shop Jib Crane For Sale
Lifting Loding:0.5-20t
Working Class:A3 A4
Lifting Height:3-8m
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
Customized Service Is Avaliable

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Advantages of using shop jib cranes

For types, our company produces shop jib cranes with various types, thus customers can choose the most suitable type according to their practical needs.

For loading capacity, shop jib crane has different lifting tons, for example, small jib crane, like 1 ton jib crane, 2 ton jib crane, 3 ton jib crane, these lifting jib cranes have tiny size and compact structure, very convenient to use.

For using purpose, shop jib crane has wide application and strong adaptation to different working condition. It can be used in machinery processing, manufacturing enterprise, warehouse, construction site, logistic company, industrial enterprise, factory, material handling yard etc.

Shop AQ-BX Wall Mounted Jib Crane
Shop AQ-BX Wall Mounted Jib Crane
Lifting Loding:0.5-20t
Working Class:A3 A4
Lifting Height:3-8m
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
Customized Service Is Avaliable

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How to buy top quality portable crane with low price?

Besides quality, crane price is a very important factor for choosing one suitable product. How to buy great quality crane with factory price? There are three simple and practical ways.

First, buy cranes from professional manufacturer. The advanced technology can ensure the reliable quality. For example, AIMIX Group, as an experienced crane supplier, ranks top in China, because our company has power engineer team, creative designers, serious workers, and strict standards. Our cranes have been exported to many counties and won clients’ trust and praise!

Second, go to the factory and have a look at crane by yourself. Direct touch and careful observation can help make clear feeling about the products.

Third, take advantage of the internet and search more information for careful comparison. What’s more, it is also useful to ask for the advice from friends who bought cranes before.

AQ-BB Type Wall Travelling Jib Crane
AQ-BB Type Wall Travelling Jib Crane
Lifting Loding:0.5-20t
Working Class:A3 A4
Lifting Height:3-8m
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
Customized Service Is Avaliable

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Foundation-less jib cranes

Foundation-less jib cranes are industrial slab-mounted systems that are bolted to reinforced concrete. These systems do not require a special foundation, which can sometimes cost more than the system. By not requiring a special foundation, you don’t have to wait for concrete to cure, meaning you can have your system installed sooner. Our foundation-less Jibs can be installed almost anywhere within your facility and be easily relocated if needed.

Wall mounted jib cranes

Wall-mounted jib cranes require no floor space or foundations. They quickly swing out of the way of overhead cranes.

Our wall-Mounted cantilever 300 series cranes offer the greatest amount of clearance, both under and above the boom.

Full-cantilever design

Our most economical cranes have no support structure under the boom, so the trolley hoists can travel virtually the full length of the boom.

Wall bracket with tie-rod supported boom

Design uses a standard I-beam and single tie rod to eliminate off-center loading problems

Workstation jib cranes

Workstation jib cranes offer easy, ergonomic lifting and transfer of repetitive loads. These small, nimble cranes are faster than motorized jibs and are very affordable. Our workstation jibs can be permanently foundation-mounted, portable with counterweight bases, wall-mounted, or foundation-less to best suit your needs:

Freestanding Workstation Jib Cranes

360-degree rotation
Standard crane heights to 12 feet (floor to bottom of boom); taller designs available
Mounting plates attach with anchor bolts to standard 6-inch reinforced concrete floor, or to new foundations for special load conditions
Smaller capacity cranes use square mounting plates with welded gussets connected to the mast; each plate uses four anchor bolts
Larger capacity cranes use hexagonal mounting plates with welded gussets connected to the mast; each plate uses 6 anchor bolts

Portable freestanding workstation jib cranes

Same as above, except with counterweight bases with forklift pockets:
Up to 500-pound capacity with 16-foot span
Up to 1,000-pound capacity with 10-foot span
Custom bases are available

Wall-mounted workstation jib cranes

180-degree rotation
Bolts to existing wall or column
Bronze bearings at the pivot points ensure easy rotation

Wall traveling jib cranes

Wall-traveling jib cranes provide long lateral movement of materials without taking up floor space or interfering with large overhead cranes. Wall-traveling jibs increase overall plant productivity by quickly handling smaller lifts.

You can cover an entire series of workstations using one agile wall-traveling crane for virtually the entire length of your building.

Our wall-traveling jib cranes are cost-effective, custom-engineered solutions that are specifically designed to meet your production needs and building specifications.

Great shop jib crane for sale

1. Various types, high quality, factory price
2. Wide application, strong adaption, easy use
3. Different loading capacity, kinds of sizes
4. Complete safety device, simple operation
5. High work efficiency, low failure rate
6. Reasonable design, compact structure

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