Floor Mounted Jib Crane

Floor mounted jib crane is a popular lifting tool in lifting industrial. It is widely used for loading and unloading material in many different work conditions, because it has simple structure and easy operation. Floor mounted jib crane mainly includes boom assembly, upper pipe assembly, column assembly, lower thrust roller, “L” anchor bolts, concrete foundation. What’s more, optional top entry electrical collector can be attached to most 360° revolving jib cranes, no special parts needed. AIMIX Group, one of the famous and professional jib crane manufacturers in China, provides best quality jib cranes with affordable price! Our jib crane has reasonable design, high security and good performance, Buying our jib cranes is perfect choice for lifting work!

AQ-BZ Floor Mounted Jib Crane
AQ-BZ Floor Mounted Jib Crane
Lifting Loding:0.5-20t
Working Class:A3 A4
Lifting Height:3-8m
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
Customized Service Is Avaliable

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Wide application of floor mounted jib crane?

Floor mounted jib crane can reduce labor resource, increase efficiency, save energy and cost, improve working condition, thus it is widely applied in different sites, such as construction site, mold manufacturing enterprise, mining, automobile factory, logistics factory, machinery processing, warehouse, railway engineering, material department, open storage yard etc.

Our company designs this kind of crane with various loading capacities to meet requirement. It has small jib crane, like 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, and big jib crane, like 10 ton, 20 ton, 30 ton.

Details Of Floor Mounted Jib Crane
Details Of Floor Mounted Jib Crane

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How does floor jib crane work?

This kind of jib crane is well engineered and constructed machines at economical prices. The upper pipe assembly is jib welded to assure accuracy. Two heavy duty lower thrust rollers with lubrication-free bearings assure smooth operation as the boom rotates on a tapered roller bearing atop the column assembly. The steel base plate and the column pipe are welded together robotically to insure a square connection.

Boom rotates 360°, rolled steel I-beam boom fits most standard hoist trolleys, and bolt-on trolley end-stops allow easy trolley installation. Mounting details are provided with installation instructions.

Drawings Of Floor Mounted Jib Cranes
Drawings Of Floor Mounted Jib Cranes

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Pillar mounted floor crane, slewing arm jib crane

Floor crane with hoist crane for sale is light duty hoisting equipment, which has been developing rapidly recent years. The jib crane performs superior in short-distance and intensive lifting operation.

This lifting equipment is mainly comprised of stand column, revolving arm, driving device and electric hoist.

The arm revolves around the stand column and the hoist moves along the bottom flange of the girder, thus the jib crane is able to transports materials within its work radius.

It has characteristics of unique structure, safety and reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, time and labor saving and swift it move at will.

Compared with balance arm, it has larger lifting capacity and working radius, so it can be widely used in assembly line, workshop, warehouse, dock etc.

Floor Mounted Jib Cranes Top Quality
Floor Mounted Jib Cranes Top Quality

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Pillar jib crane is fixed on ground. It is a small and medium speed lifting equipment developed recently. It has characteristics of unique structure, safe and reliable operation, high efficiency, energy saving, time saving, effort saving and flexibility. It can be operated under three-dimensional environment.It is superior in the cases of short distance,concentrated lifting.

Slewing jib crane is a kind of small and medium-sized lifting equipment with the recent development. Its unique structure, safe and reliable. It can show its superiority more especially when its working in the short range and intensive lifting occasions. So it can reduce your workshop investment costs and bring more investment returns.

Wall mounted jib crane is a new generation of the hoist equipment developed to meet the requirement of modernized production. It doesn’t require modification of the building structure in which it is being installed and it doesn’t take up much space, but it allows transporting goods on a three-dimensional plane.

High Efficiency Floor Mounted Jib Crane
High Efficiency Floor Mounted Jib Crane

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Under the cantilever, it is equipped with rack, hoist running dolly output gear and rack driven of occlusion, this could ensure the stability of the electric hoist.The hoist make shuttle running along the way of I-shaped beam, slewing of cantilever is finished by the motor to drive the reducer device.The cantilever is made of hollow steel structure, it is has a light weight, wide span, large lifting capacity, it is also more economic and durable.The jib crane which adopt special engineer plastic wheels with rotary bear could reduce the abrasion, running more smooth .It could install in any position with ranges of rotation 180°, 270°, 345°, 360°.

Jib crane is lifting equipment to do light weight transport in plants, port, wharf and etc. sometimes it can be used in manufacturing line and assembling line to do jobs need to be fixed position accurately. You can purchase two types of cantilever jibs in AIMIX group. If you want to carry heavy loads under 20 tons, you can choose heavy duty cantilever jib crane. And you can choose cantilever jib crane if you need to transport loads under 5 tons. Both of them are quiet applicable for short distance and busy work.

Floor jib cranes for sale

1. Reliable quality, reasonable price
2. Ideal design, compact structure, light weight
3. Complete safety devices, easy operation
4. Durable material, long term service life
5. Strong adaptation, high working efficiency
6. Large operation area, low failure rate.

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