360 Degree Rotate Jib Crane

360 degree rotate jib crane is great lifting device for factory, warehouse and construction site. It has wide operation scope, high working efficiency, easy use, large loading capacity and high safety.

The 360 degree standards jib crane is designed to offer maximum productivity with an industry leading safety factor. This enclosed track jib crane provides maximum coverage in 360° areas not served well by other cranes. Featuring our revolutionary portable pod station system, this unit can be bolted directly to existing floors without adding special foundations – and easily relocatable to another location when needed.

Jib cranes assist the staff and multiply human efforts, handling loads up to 6300kg precisely and effortlessly. They are useful especially for loading or unloading of work pieces on machine tools. There can also become an inseparable part of a standalone workstation and machine assembly area. Our company is a professional jib crane manufacturer in China. We supply kinds of jib cranes for sale, such as articulating jib crane, pillar jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, double arm jib crane, free standing jib crane.

Great 360 Degree Rotate Jib Crane
Great 360 Degree Rotate Jib Crane

Lifting Loding:0.5-20t

Working Class:A3 A4

Lifting Height:3-8m

Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃

Customized Service Is Avaliable

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Features of 360 degree rotate jib crane

360 degree uninterrupted movement
Easy pod station installation
Maximum trolley travel
Horizontal level adjust
Vertical level adjust
Voltage lower protection function
Lifting height limit device
Emergency stop system
Crane traveling limit switch
Overload protection device

Flexible Jib Crane Parameters
Flexible Jib Crane Parameters

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Wall traveling 360 degree rotating jib crane

These are useful where overhead cranes are not practical or feasible. They offer 360 degree floor coverage, allowing unrestricted placement of machinery and equipment.

1. Classification group: Class C (intermediate)
2. Lifting height: 6-30m
3. Lifting capacity: 0.5-16t
4. Min validity cantilever:1.0-3.5m
5.Max validity cantilever: 5-30m
Wall mounted 360 degree rotating

360 Degree Rotating Jib Crane Factory Price
360 Degree Rotating Jib Crane Factory Price

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These mount easily to any substantial structural steel building column, at any desired height. The crane has a structural steel finish, in highly visible yellow enamel.

1. Classification group: Class C (intermediate)
2. Lifting capaciy: 0.25-16t
3. Lifting height: 5-6m
4. Valid radius: 4-5m
5. Lifting speed: 8/0.8m/min
6. Circulate speed: 20m/min

Reliable 360 Degree Rotate Jib Crane
Reliable 360 Degree Rotate Jib Crane

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This light duty jib crane fixed slewing jib crane is a hoisting machinery. It is equipped with single speed CD type or double speed MD electric hoist. Its main parts are stand column, slewing arm, cantilever driven device and electric hoist.

Under the cantilever, it is equipped with rack, hoist running dolly output gear and rack driven of occlusion. This could ensure the stability of the electric hoist.

The hoist makes shuttle running along the way of I shaped beam. Slewing of cantilever is finished by the motor to drive the reducer device.

The cantilever is made of hollow steel structure. It has a light weight, wide span, large lifting capacity, it is also more economic and durable.

The jib crane adopts special engineer plastic wheels with rotary bear . It could reduce the abrasion, running more smooth.

It could install in any position with ranges of rotation 180 degree, 270 degree, 360 degree.

Column Jib Crane 360 Degree Rotation
Column Jib Crane 360 Degree Rotation

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Advantages of jib crane parts

Unique power drive with built in adjustable clutch
Spherical, self aligning roller bearing
Rotation limit switch available
Collector rings ans cable grip for 360 rotation
Machined pressure ring
Compact base plate design
Lockable on/off disconnected switch
Heavy duty convex roller wheels
Slewing power transmitted by pinion and ring gear
Independent sliding push button system or radio remote control option
Enclosed track festoon system
VFD controlled rotation panel