20 Ton Jib Crane

20 ton jib crane is ideal solution for lifting work. It has high efficiency, safety protection devices, compact structure, and good performance! As a heavy duty jib crane, 20 ton jib crane is widely used for lifting and transporting material in different places, such as warehouse, mold manufacturing enterprise, mining, logistics factory, construction site, machinery processing, railway engineering etc. AIMIX Group, one of the strong and professional jib crane manufacturers in China, produces suitable cranes for customers. Except for large jib cranes, our company also has many other types of jib cranes, such as small jib crane, like 1 ton, 2ton, 3 ton, fixed jib crane, travelling jib crane etc. Choose our jib crane is wise action—energy saving and cost reducing!

AQ-BZ Heavy Duty Jib Crane
AQ-BZ Heavy Duty Jib Crane

Lifting Loding:0.5-20t

Working Class:A3 A4

Lifting Height:3-8m

Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃

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Pay attention to the lubrication of 20t jib cranes

If the lubricating condition is not good, it is the reason that the gap of assembling parts is small, and due to the installation, it is hard to ensure the uniformity of fit clearance. The lubrication can hardly form layer of oil film to prevent weariness, so reducing lubricating function, leading the early strange weariness. Lubricate the crane regularly can prolong its service life.

Correct operation tips of 20 tons jib crane

Correct operation benefits the crane and operator, it can prolong the crane’s life and protect the operator’s safety. The following tips are about jib crane operation:

1. Before starting the crane, the operator should check the switch button and wire rope to ensure good condition. If there is any problems, maintain the crane timely and then use it. After finishing work, cut off all power and leave.
2. During operation, the operator should concentrate on, put hands on the switch to brake timely, not eating, and chatting during work.
3. Before lifting anything, just do a lifting test. The hook should be put straight, if it is not straight, adjust the hook timely, not sliding lifting.
4. Not overloading.
5. During work, the jib crane can’t lift the material too high.
6. After work, put the crane in safe place.

Stable 20 Ton Jib Crane For Sale
Stable 20 Ton Jib Crane For Sale

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How to operate a 20 ton jib crane safely?

Operating a crane safety is always a concern. This is especially true when you are using a larger crane or handling heavier loads. While it is fairly easy to control a smaller crane, handling a large crane can be a big challenge.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t safely operate a 20 ton jib crane. It simply means that you will have to take a few extra precautions.

Keep these things in mind when you or your employees use a 20 ton crane. They will allow you to avoid any safety issues.

1.Always read the manual

You should never use a crane without reading through the manual first. The manual is where some of the most important safety information is contained.

When you flip through the manual, you’ll be able to learn more about how the crane works. You will also find out what some of the warning signs are. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the crane’s manual. It will help you to avoid major issues in the future.

2.Inspect the crane before you use it

Before the crane is used, you should inspect it. Make sure that there aren’t any issues with the crane. Ensure that no parts are worn down or damaged.

It is only natural that your crane would experience some wear and tear over time. In the majority of cases, issues like this can be easily dealt with. However, if these problems go unaddressed, they could wind up causing big issues.

3.Double check to ensure that loads are secure

Before you lift a load, you should check and doublecheck that the load is completely secure. When you’re using a 20 ton jib crane, you are lifting loads that are very heavy. If the load slips or falls to the ground, you are putting your workers and your equipment at risk.

Take the time to make sure that loads are completely secure before you start lifting them. It may take a little bit of extra time, but that additional effort is more than worthwhile.

4.Look for a crane with extra safety features

If you are planning on purchasing a new crane, you should strongly consider buying something that has additional safety features. Modern cranes offer some incredible features, and a number of those features were created to help make workplaces safer.

When a crane has extra safety features, it will be far easier to avoid mishaps. As an example, you may be able to get some kind of warning if the crane isn’t working the way it should. Your crane operator may be able to partially automate the lifting process.

These extra features are amazing, and they are definitely worth paying for.

It is very possible to safely operate a 20 ton jib crane. This is a powerful piece of machinery, but you can use it without issue as long as you are willing to treat it with care. Respect your machinery and make sure that you use it the way you are supposed to.

How to choose suitable 20 tonne jib cranes?

Different working conditions need different types of jib cranes. A suitable crane can adapt to environment well. For light and frequent lifting work, light and small jib crane is pretty good, such as mobile slewing jib crane; for heavy lifting work with high safety level, strong and large jib crane is perfect, such as fixed type jib crane. If choosing mini crane for heavy work, the crane and operator is not safe; choosing large crane for light work, it is kind of resource waste. Thus it is important to purchase a suitable jib crane. It can accomplish the lifting work well, save much energy and improve working conditions.

First is to get advice from person who bought jib cranes once. This is direct and efficient way to get real information about jib crane manufacturer and products.

Second is to surf the internet for more details about crane supplier. This can help customers learn more information about suppliers’ strength, professional level and service.

Third is to visit the crane manufacturer. Take a personal visit to the crane factory and learn the process of produce, package and delivery. All these processes can show whether the crane manufacturer is strong, professional or sincere.

20 ton jib crane for sale

1. Complete safety protection devices
2. Durable material, strict producing standards
3. Professional team, advanced technology
4. Reasonable design, compact structure
5. Low failure rate, long service life
6. Safe operation, high efficiency

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