1 Ton BZ Fixed Jib Crane For Sale

1 Ton Jib Crane

1 ton jib crane is kind of small jib crane. It has many advantages, such as light weight, long span, simple operation, large lifting capacity, thus it is widely used for loading and unloading material in factory, warehouse, assembly yard etc. It mainly includes four types, pillar jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, wall travelling jib crane and movable jib crane. Every type of jib crane has its own features, customers can choose the most suitable one for lifting work. Ellsen Company, one of reliable jib crane manufacturers in China, supplies top quality lifting jib crane for sale. With best performance, affordable price, Ellsen jib crane ranks top in China! Buy it for high work efficiency!

1 ton jib crane
1 Ton BX Type Fixed Wall Mounted Jib Crane
Lifting Loding:1t
Working Class:A3 A4
Lifting Height:3-8m
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
Customized Service Is Avaliable

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Why choose 1t small jib crane?

For light duty lifting work, it is not necessary to use heavy duty jib crane, small jib is better. Because it has more competitive advantages as following:

First, compared with heavy duty jib crane, small jib crane is more flexible, it is very easy and convenient to operate and maintain.

Second, tiny jib crane is cheaper than big crane. Customer can save more crane cost. Lifting crane with low price also has excellent quality, Ellsen Company provides best jib cranes with affordable price!

Third, with small size and simple structure, little jib crane is easy to install and maintain. Customers can assemble and disassemble crane by themselves.

Choosing Ellsen jib cranes is a wise action! It can help mostly save energy, labor resource and crane cost! A perfect lifting solution for loading, unloading duty.

1 ton jib crane for sale
BB Type Wall Travelling Jib Crane
Lifting Loding:1t
Working Class:A3 A4
Lifting Height:3-8m
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
Customized Service Is Avaliable

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What are types of 1t jib cranes?

1t jib cranes mainly have four styles, namely pillar mounted jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, wall travelling jib crane and mobile jib crane.

Pillar jib crane is mainly composed of four parts, fixed column, slewing device, cantilever and electric hoist. Pillar crane can be used together with chain hoist or wire rope hoist.

Wall mounted jib crane is another kind of fixed jib crane. The crane cantilever is installed on the wall. And the hoist travels along the cantilever.

Wall travelling jib crane is very flexible and has wide working area. There are rails on the wall, and the jib crane travel on the rails fro and back, the hoist can move on the cantilever right and left, which expands operation scope.

With universal wheels, mobile jib crane can travel towards any direction, which makes it very popular in lifting industry. It has larger work area than any other jib cranes.

1 ton jib crane
1 Ton BZ Fixed Jib Crane For Sale
Lifting Loding:0.5-20t
Working Class:A3 A4
Lifting Height:3-8m
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
Customized Service Is Avaliable

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Why you should consider a 1 ton jib crane

Are you interested in purchasing a light duty jib crane? If so, you should strongly consider a 1 ton jib crane. While a 1 ton crane can handle some heavy lifting, it is perfectly suited to light duty work.

There are numerous types of jib cranes on the market. As an example, there are wall-mounted jib cranes, a wall-traveling jib crane, and I-beam jib cranes. While all of these cranes have their uses, few of them offer the sheer versatility that 1 ton cranes do.

Read on to learn why you should think about buying a 1 ton crane.

Great Quality 1 Ton Jib Crane For Sale
Great Quality 1 Ton Jib Crane For Sale

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1.They’re affordable

While these cranes offer a high level of functionality, they also have very reasonable price tags. When you opt to buy one of these cranes, you’ll be able to get a lot for a little.

If you choose to buy from the right brand, you’ll be able to get a professional quality crane without having to spend an arm and a leg. The best manufacturers offer these cranes at very low prices.

They will increase your productivity

Any job is easier when you have the right tools available to you. When you have a 1 ton crane, you will be able to accomplish a lot in a small amount of time.

These cranes are heavy enough that they can handle larger loads, but light enough that they can move very quickly. In addition, they tend to be well designed, which means that they are fairly easy to use. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the right kind of crane.

High Safety 1 Ton Jib Cranes
High Safety 1 Ton Jib Cranes

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2.They offer many different features

If you opt to buy a 1 ton jib crane, you will find that you have an array of options available to you. You won’t be stuck using a single type of crane; you’ll have a variety of addition features and benefits to choose from.

If workplace safety is one of your top priorities, you can try to find a crane that has additional safety features. If you’re trying to boost your speeds, you can look for a crane that is easier to control. When you see all the features that are currently available, you will be thrilled.

Flexible 1 Ton Jib Crane From Ellsen
Flexible 1 Ton Jib Crane From Ellsen

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3.They last for a long time

A piece of industrial machinery is a big investment. If you spend your money on something like that, you will want to make sure that it will last.

When you purchase a 1 ton crane, you will know that it will last for a very long time. You won’t have to replace it in a few years. If you buy from the right brand, your crane could last for a decade or more.

If you are looking to purchase a light duty jib crane, you should definitely look at 1 ton jib cranes. This light duty crane has a lot to offer consumers. More and more workplaces are opting to use this type of crane. The perks that it offers simply can’t be denied.

1 Ton Ellsen Best Jib Crane
1 Ton Ellsen Best Jib Crane

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China slewing beam jib crane for warehouse

Slewing beam jib crane is very flexible. It can be used in warehouse for loading and unloading material effectively. This kind of jib crane can rotate 180 degree. With this advantage, slewing arm jib crane can has wide operation area and increase working efficiency.

Slewing beam jib crane can be matched with electric hoists together, such as wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist, light duty hoist, heavy duty hoist together.

This kind of crane has wide application. It can be used for lifting and transporting material in warehouse, factory, storage yard, shop and workstation. Because slewing beam jib crane has strong commonality.

How to choose reliable China 1ton heavy duty shop crane manufacturers?

There are many jib crane manufacturers in China, how to choose a great jib crane supplier? The following tips can help customers choose a suitable crane manufacturer.

First, visit the factory. Personnel visit can make customer learn more information and details about crane manufacturer, such as company strength, producing process and package preparation.

Second, the crane manufacturer has professional service. The manufacturer puts the customers in the first place, and pays attention to jib crane quality and performance.

Third, the crane supplier provides customized service. According to customers’ needs and requirements, manufacturer can design the suitable jib crane. Customized service is important for customers, because every jib crane is applied for different working conditions an lifting work.

High quality fixed column type cantilever jib crane

Fixed column type cantilever jib crane for sale is kind of flexible lifting device. It is fixed on concrete column by strong bolts firmly. Thus it is very stable and safe. The crane arm can rotate with 180 degree, thus it is flexible to operate and use. With large rotating degree, the crane has wide operation area and high efficiency. With simple operation, wide working area, fixed column jib crane is widely used for industry fields, such as factory, construction site, warehouse.

China i-beam column jib crane

I beam column jib crane is a cost-effective lifting device. According to lifting capacity, it includes light duty jib crane and heavy jib crane, such as 3 ton jib crane, 5ton jib crane, 15t crane, 20 tonne jib crane. Customers can choose the suitable one according to their practical working conditions.

Buy excellent i-beam fixed jib crane from Ellsen! With reliable performance, easy installation, top quality, affordable price, Ellsen jib crane is the best choice!

1 ton jib crane foundation

How to build a 1 ton jib crane? The jib crane foundation crew will typically hammer,bend or sledge some of the bolts. Because these bolts will not end up straight when a jib crane foundation is installed. This will compromise the pull out strength of the bolts-not good. Except for this way, the works can try the other way for jib crane foundation. They may decide to slot or open up a few larger holes in the base plate of the jib crane with a torch, which also compromises the long term stability of the jib crane. Both scenarios rely on the safety factor that is built into the engineering of this jib crane. Installing these foundations correctly requires many years of experience. Whatever ways to choose, always put the safety on the first place. Stable and strong foundation is important for jib crane. It is related to jib crane performance and safety.

1 ton jib crane dimensions

For jib crane, what dimensions are important? The most important dimension is the weight of the heaviest load to be carried. Starting from there, measure how far the load must be moved from the wall or base. That will be the reach distance of the jib crane. How high does the load have to be lifted? That is the lift height. It sounds simple, there is also a need for some margins for the design to allow machinery of the crane to fit in the space as well. Most jib cranes will match a hoist of about 24’’ height and a beam with 12’’ height.

In other words, the lowest obstruction above the required load height are 42’’, including hoist, beam and required 6’’ safety margin.

Because the load cannot be traversed along the beam all the way to the edge, a 3’’ must be left at the moving end of the beam, and minimum 12’’ must be left at the stationary end of the beam to accommodate the post, bearing, hinge, wall and any other obstructions.

As a hoist and crane manufacturer and supplier, Ellsen is able to provide types of hoists and cranes to meet the material handling requirements in different industries, such as gantry crane, overhead crane, jib cranes, electric hoists, boat travel lift crane, marine winch, construction winch. For more details about crane lifting devices, just send quotation to sales@jibcranemanufacturer.com

1 ton jib crane design

Ellsen can provide jib crane solutions ranging in lifting capacity from 1 ton to 20 tons. Our jib crane solutions are highly customized and will be perfectly suited to the requirements of lifting needs. Lifting solutions are designed for all industries and applications.

The design, fabrication, transport, installation, commission and testing of different components in a crane solution is time-critical to the success of the project. Early planning and close coordination allow us to optimize the schedule. The approach-customer first taken by Ellsen ensures the success of the project. Cranes of the highest quality design and fabrication with maintenance programs, inspection and testing, on-site training, and emergency services, Elsen doesn’t just sell cranes, we build solutions.

Ellsen 1 ton jib crane is mainly designed as following types:

First is wall jib crane. A wall jib crane is wall mounted and lifts lightweight parts during the production process, allowing separate manufacturing stations to transfer material moving through the manufacturing process.

Second is column jib crane. This kind of jib crane lifts light and medium loads between process areas where separate manufacturing stations are required for the main cranes in the building.

Third is industrial jib crane. Our industrial jib cranes lift heavy loads during industrial production processes. For heavy duty production processes, our industrial jib crane crane is an important part of custom solution.

Jib cranes can be wall mounted or column mounted. They are designed with standard rotation drive or electric rotation drive. Jib crane can match with chain or cable lifting hoists. The hoist trolley can be push trolley or electric trolley type. Our jib crane can have rotation ranges of 90 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree or 360 degree. The control type can be a hoist with fixed button panel type, a movable button panel type, or a radio controlled type. The right jib crane solution also depends on factors: type of foundations, for column cranes, type of fixing for wall jib cranes, the metal, concrete or wall column, lifting capacity, boom length, column height, hook travel and location.

The process of 1 ton jib crane installation

The jib crane is shipped in three sections: head assembly, column assembly and boom assembly. A box containing the top bearing and mounting hardware is also included.

The footing shown is the only method recommended by the manufacturer. An individual competent in related foundation design methods should design any alternative method.

Use a minimum five bag mix for concrete. Prior to pouring, position the rebar and I shaped anchor bolts. Anchor bolts are submerged 3/4 of footing depth. Rebar is located 6 inches from top and bottom of the footing. Be sure to allow for power conduit if feeding through the base of the jib. Position the anchor bolts according to the base plate bolt circle dimensions.

After the concrete hardens, make sure a flat, level surface exists for accepting the column assembly. Machinery grout and jam nuts may be used to level the surface. Erect the column on the prepared surface, taking care not to damage the anchor bolt threads while setting the base plate in position. Tighten double nuts onto the anchor bolts after ensuring that the column is plumb.

Mount the top pivot bearing cone over the pin on top of the column assembly. If installing the bottom entry collector option, read the collector installation instructions at this time. Attach boom assembly to head assembly with hardware provided. Set the boom and head assembly in place on the column. Make sure the roller bearing on top of the column seats correctly into the bearing race on the boom assembly.

Adjust the lower roller assembly in the head section to bring the boom into horizontal. Small jibs are not adjustable at the lower rollers and may be leveled by shimming between the boom and the head mounting plates. Grease upper bearing and 5’’ diameter lower rollers through zerk fitting provided. The 3’’ diameter lower rollers are self-lubricating. Small jibs are not equipped with zerk fitting and need to be greased at the top bearing prior to seating the boom and head assembly.

Install the trolley end stops on the boom. Attach other optional equipment according to directions provided with the equipment.

Ellsen 1 ton jib crane for sale

1. High quality, factory price, famous brand
2. Reliable performance, wide application, various types
3. Fast speed, smooth starting, quick stopping
4. Small size, simple structure, reasonable design
5. High working efficiency, low failure rate
6. Durable material, long-term service life

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